Ladies, gentlemen start your engines

Rosebridge Manor residents’ council president Bud Dyment enjoys a July 18 classic car show at the Jasper long-term care home.

Rosebridge Manor hosts classic car show

Rosebridge Manor residents were revved up recently by the throaty rumble of classic cars pulling into the long-term care home’s parking lot.

The Jasper, Ont. OMNI Health Care home hosted a classic car show July 18. Classic vehicles are those that are at least 20 years old.

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Jim Barnett, who’s also the son-in-law of a resident, got the wheels in motion for the event as he belongs to a local car club. Life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Kathy Barr tells The OMNIway residents were intrigued about the event from the get-go. To their delight, there were 16 or 17 vehicles of a variety of makes, models and years on display.

“They were thrilled,” says Kathy about the residents’ reactions to seeing the cars and trucks.

“We had a good turnout of residents and family members. We had a big barbecue and all of the cars were in the front parking lot.”

It was a perfect, sunny day and residents who wished to chatted with the vehicles’ owners. Most of the drivers stayed close to their cars or trucks to answer residents’ questions. Kathy overheard residents saying how they or their family members used to own cars similar to those in the show.

“There was reminiscing. The senior men especially knew about the cars.”

Kathy says while the show was a social event for all of the home’s residents, it honed into men’s interests. It was particularly enjoyed by the residents who are car fans.

In addition to the car club members, a few family members who have older vehicles also participated in the show. Kathy says it was great to be able to host the event because while there are car shows in the broader community, it’s not as easy for residents to attend.

She got the impression the drivers enjoyed the experience of being at Rosebridge Manor, with many commenting about how welcome they felt.

“It’s such a fun event for socialization it’s well-worth having every year. When they bring it to us, it’s just super,” Kathy says.

This is the second year the home has hosted the show and the LEC expects it will continue to be an annual affair.

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