Kentwood Park volunteers give 100 per cent to residents, LEC says


‘The minute I need something, it’s a simple phone call and they’re here’

Barb Hogan and Sue Capon are two generous volunteers who have been brightening up the lives of residents at Kentwood Park long-term care home.

“They are absolutely fabulous people who come in and give 100 per cent to the residents,” life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lisa Mills says.

Both Hogan and Capon have loved ones living at the Picton home, but when they visit the home they also take time with other residents.

“When they come to visit they make it a whole group event,” the LEC says.

Hogan often helps residents at mealtime. The two women also help run the weekly bingo program at the home. Hogan has connected with other community members to host programs for the residents, such as a spa activity or learning a new craft. She has also been involved in organizing fundraising activities for the home’s residents council.

Sometimes one of the two will bring in baked goods to share with the residents.

And there have been times when either one will call the home to see if there is anything they can do to help out in the week ahead.

But it may be the willingness of the two volunteers to give of their time when the home is in a pinch that’s most appreciated.

“The minute I need something, it’s just a simple phone call and they’re here,” Mills says.

“They’re just fabulous people to have on board. They’re just like having a staff at your beck and call. It’s absolutely amazing.”

In fact, there’s a sense that Hogan and Capon are more than volunteers. “Close friendships have been formed with them,” says Mills.

April 10 to 16 has been designated National Volunteer Week in Canada.

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