Kentwood Park ‘turkey hunt’ creates high resident engagement

‘The residents loved it; they thought it was hilarious’

Just before the Thanksgiving weekend, the Kentwood Park team organized an activity for residents that proved to be a “blast.”

Given that Thanksgiving was just around the corner, team members at the Picton, Ont. long-term care home created a “turkey hunt” to bring some seasonal fun and laughter to residents.

Team members created a “forest” by making trees out of cardboard, and managers wore turkey hats crocheted by administrator Melanie Rudd.

The management team went strolling through the forest while residents, armed with Nerf guns, “blasted” them with the Nerf guns.

The result was an activity that garnered lots of participation and brought smiles and laughter to many, says Kentwood Park life enrichment co-ordinator Tracy Kimmett.

“The residents loved it; they thought it was hilarious,” she tells The OMNIway. “Staff were really involved too.”

Due to the high level of interest from residents, team members organized two turkey hunts so everyone who wanted to participate could have a chance.

The idea for the turkey hunt came from Kentwood Park’s nearby sister home, West Lake Terrace, where Melanie had previously worked.

Last Christmas the West Lake Terrace team created a deer hunt which saw team members dress as deer for residents to “hunt” with Nerf guns.

The activity was so popular with West Lake Terrace residents that Melanie suggested Kentwood Park organize a similar event.

After the hunt, residents got to enjoy pretzels, potato chips, near beer and apple cider.

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