Kentwood Park administrator and daughter participate in Ice Bucket Challenge

Kentwood Park administrator Tina Cole and her daughter Skyler recently took the Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by students at Nicholson Catholic College in Belleville where Skyler is a student.

The Ice Bucket Challenge sees participants get a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads as part of a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease. Participants then challenge friends and colleagues to have a bucket of ice water dumped on them.

Tina and 15-year-old Skyler volunteered for the challenge on Aug. 18. Mother and daugher shrieked as a front-end loader dumped freezing-cold water on them (see video link).

Not knowing Tina had already participated in the event, another OMNI Health Care home, West Lake Terrace, issued a challenge to her the next day.

“I told them that I have had enough water dumped on me,” laughs Tina, who says she is considering this her Ice Bucket Challenge entry for Kentwood Park.

West Lake Terrace managers participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge on Aug. 21.

Click here to watch the video of Tina and Skyler participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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