Keeping Residents’ Bill of Rights top of mind at Frost Manor

Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Irwin and residents’ council president Diane Hickman, pictured above, are educating residents and staff members at the Lindsay long-term care home about the Residents’ Bill of Rights.

LEC and resident are working on education sessions for residents and staff to ensure everyone has an understanding of what residents’ rights are

To ensure everyone at Frost Manor understands the Residents’ Bill of Rights, the Lindsay long-term care home’s life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) and president of the residents’ council have joined forces to host information sessions that change the way everyone is looking at the Bill of Rights.

LEC Lyndsay Irwin says the Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils conducted a study to determine if the Bill of Rights was working. What the organization discovered was a disconnect between residents and long-term-care home staff members when it came to understanding what the Bill of Rights is.

So Lyndsay and Frost Manor residents’ council president Diane Hickman got together to create sessions to educate staff members on the Bill of Rights. After engaging residents to find what was important to them, Lyndsay and Diane discovered that staff members were indeed doing a good job respecting people’s rights. The question was, did they realize this?

“Diane and I worked together over quite a few weeks, picking a few residents’ rights that we wanted to highlight at Frost Manor,” Lyndsay explains. “Diane went around engaging residents to find out what was important for them to highlight in a message they wanted to bring to the staff.”

What Lyndsay and Diane decided to focus on was “reminding” staff of the things they were already doing well. Lyndsay and Diane selected some residents’ rights to focus on for the sessions, including privacy, participating in decision making, and respect and dignity.

“We did a lot of reminders; we wanted to highlight that the things staff members are already doing are making a difference, and that was one way that we were really able to reach staff members,” Lyndsay says.

For example, residents wanted to remind staff that they appreciate the fact that staff members ask residents what time they want to go to bed or what they would like in their tea. These are things residents said empower them.

“It was really great for the staff to know that all the great work they are doing is being appreciated by residents and to keep up that great work,” Lyndsay says.

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