Keeping it real: Accurate data crucial for quality care (VIDEO)

Providing exceptional care is the essence of OMNI Health Care.

The organization aims to give its long-term care residents the highest quality of care by determining specific areas for improvement and assessing several key indicators of health and care. Data collection plays a vital role in this process and the accuracy of the data is a must.

In recent weeks, OMNI homes and staff have intensified their commitment to quality improvement goals. As part of that, teams from all 18 long-term care homes met in Peterborough to unify the standards for data quality.

Sarah Ferguson, director of operations for the eastern region, makes it clear that data quality is crucial to care initiatives. “We want to make sure the data is real, that it is truly reflective of this resident; otherwise there’s no point,” she says.

Understanding the key health and care indicators as well as gathering and reporting accurate data clarifies significant issues for homes, contributing to their future quality improvement goals and, ultimately, the best quality of life for residents.