Jackie Rose ‘an integral member of the nursing department’

Willows Estate

Willows Estates names clinical care co-ordinator as Inspired Leader

From championing wound care excellence to clocking in early for her shift, Jackie Rose’s leadership at Willows Estate is an inspiration.

That’s the reason Sherry McNeill, director of care (DOC) at Willows Estate, nominated Jackie, a registered practical nurse and clinical care co-ordinator, for the 2017 Inspired Leadership Award for the Aurora long-term care home.

“Jackie is an integral member of the nursing department,” Sherry says.

Among her accomplishments, Jackie has successfully trained Willows staff on RAI-MDS. She ensures the home’s reporting is accurate and complete with each submission.

“As a result, we have been successful in maintaining our home’s CMI (standing) over the past few years,” Sherry says. “She has worked closely with another RPN to transfer her vast knowledge so that when a succession plan needs to be implemented, we have a seamless transition.”

Jackie is the leader of Willows Estate’s skin care team. She participates in weekly wound-care rounds with the front-line staff, ensuring she has knowledge of all resident treatments and care needs. She then shares her expertise and experience with the team.

Jackie takes charge of the annual flu-shot campaign.

The RPN also reports to work early.

“It is not uncommon for Jackie to arrive before her shift, just to check in on the previous shift to ensure their concerns or needs are brought forward.”

She meets every morning with the DOC prior to the morning report to discuss the previous 24 hours and any action that needs to be taken.

“She provides great support for the front-line registered staff. She is also always willing to lend support to the DOC when multiple projects need to be managed,” Sherry notes.

“Jackie is a valued member of the nursing team and sets an example for the registered staff to follow.”

OMNI announced the 2017 recipients of the Everyday Hero, Inspired Leader and Elisabeth Hinton Memorial awards at the Quality Forum in Calabogie, Ont., in May 2017. Managers from OMNI’s long-term care homes were presented with the names of the award winners. Homes then presented the awards during their own ceremonies during the following months.

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