It’s too early to go shopping, but vaccinations bring hope to West Lake residents

Almost all of West Lake’s residents received the Moderna vaccine on Feb. 22

Shortly after receiving the Moderna vaccine on Feb. 22, a West Lake Terrace resident approached life enrichment co-ordinator Janie Denard with a question.

“Janie, does this mean you can take me shopping?” the resident asked.

Although the world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s too early for shopping trips and other excursions for the Prince Edward County long-term care home’s residents, Janie says she took the resident’s question as a sign of hopefulness.

Representatives from Hastings Prince Edward Public Health were at West Lake Terrace on Monday to administer the Moderna vaccine to 33 residents.

All of the residents who received the vaccine had provided the necessary consent to be immunized. Only one resident requested not to be vaccinated.

There is still a way to go before life returns to normal, and even with residents and staff members vaccinated against the highly contagious COVID-19 virus, strict safety protocols will remain in place for some time.

Still, residents and staff members at West Lake Terrace are “excited” that the vaccine has arrived, as immunizations are a major step forward to ending the pandemic.

“We are excited; we are hopeful that (the vaccinations) are going to bring some more normalcy back to the residents’ lives in the near future and we can return to life as normal,” Janie says.

“They’re desperate to get out shopping and see the world outside of West Lake, so that has been a topic among residents, and I think the residents are a little more hopeful that we’re going to start to turn a corner here soon with the pandemic, and we’re hoping for better days ahead in the summer.”

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