In-house entertainment returns to Riverview Manor with safety precautions in effect

‘Residents enjoy musical entertainment so much and are very excited that it has arrived back at Riverview’

Riverview Manor residents have been enjoying in-house entertainment at the Peterborough long-term care since September, and fan-favourite musicians have been playing to “many smiling faces,” says life enrichment aide Adam Wicklum.

On Sept. 7, singer Kathy Wiles was at Riverview to provide the first in-house entertainment residents have had since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. Performer Art Lajambe played for residents on Sept. 26.

Strict safety precautions are in full effect at all performances. Entertainers perform at a safe distance from residents and there is a Plexiglas divider in front of them.

While entertainers may sing without a mask, they must wear one before and after performances. Performers must also go through screening and have a negative swab test before entering the home.

Given the success of the September shows, both Kathy and Art will continue regular performances at Riverview Manor, Adam says.

Kathy is booked for the first Tuesday of every month, while Art is performing on the fourth Tuesday of every month in the evenings.

The performers will rotate their shows for residents living on both sides of the home, Adam notes.

During her first performance, Kathy sang for the residents living on the north side of the home, with residents joyfully singing and clapping along.

Many residents personally thanked Kathy after her performance, Adam says.

“She was so excited to sing again for the residents and said she really missed seeing them,” Adam tells The OMNIway.

“She felt honoured to be the first entertainer of the home.”

Adam says Art drew a similar response from residents during his performance on the south side.

“Art also said he was so excited to be back singing and playing his guitar for the residents, as he missed them too,” Adam says.

“Residents enjoy musical entertainment so much and are very excited that it has arrived back at Riverview.”

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