In-house drive-thru window is giving Woodland residents their much-needed Timmies treats

Once a month, residents look forward to lining up to get their coffee and doughnuts

One thing many Woodland Villa residents have been missing since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared 16 months ago is their regular trips to Tim Hortons for coffee and doughnuts.

To remedy this, life enrichment team members at the Long Sault, Ont. long-term care home have come up with a solution that’s making everyone happy.

Life enrichment team members Melissa Cleary, Liana Charbonneau and Kaitlynn Cotnam have made a Tim Hortons drive-thru window that has been decorated to look like the real thing, and residents and team members alike are having fun with it, says Woodland Villa life enrichment co-ordinator Lisa Doran.

Once a month, the life enrichment team sets up the drive-thru window and waits for residents to come up and place their order for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and doughnuts.

“The residents will go up to the window and place their order and get their coffee and Timbits, and then the next person comes up,” Lisa tells The OMNIway.

Recently, fancier drinks have been added to the menu, with the life enrichment team members making iced coffees topped with whipping cream, caramel or chocolate sauce.

While pandemic safety precautions remain in place, the Tim Hortons drive-thru window is bringing back some level of normality for residents, Lisa says.

And the life enrichment team members are having fun with it as well, she adds.

“They love doing it, so it’s great for everybody.”

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