If you’re looking for a rewarding career, LTC is the place to be, says PSW

PSW Anne Marie Scott has been working at Village Green for 38 years. She says long-term care homes offer people interested in health-care careers rewarding opportunities.

‘To me, it’s just the best place to work and I am glad I stayed here,’ says Village Green’s Anne Marie Scott

For 38 years, Village Green has been Anne Marie Scott’s home away from home, and the personal support worker (PSW) says she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“To me, it’s just the best place to work and I am glad I stayed here,” she tells The OMNIway.

The long-term care sector is trying to attract more university and college graduates with an educational background in a health-care discipline to meet growing needs. Anne Marie says one thing new graduates should know is that long-term care offers unique and rewarding health-care careers.

At the top of her list of reasons why people enjoy long-term care careers is the bond staff members have with both residents and their colleagues.

“The residents have always made me feel good in life and brought me lots of joy,” she says. “For nursing, it’s the best job, I wouldn’t do anything else. I came here when I was 21 and I am glad I did.”

In fact, Anne Marie has even passed on her love of her health-care career to her daughters, both of whom are nurses, and one of whom is a registered practical nurse at Village Green.

“They love nursing and they love the closeness with the staff that they have,” Anne Marie says.

Anne Marie says another benefit of choosing a career at Village Green, or any long-term care home, is that people can stay in their communities rather than having to move to a larger town or city. Adding to this, it’s a sector where there is lots of work available and it pays well, she says.

“Most of the girls here are local girls, and Napanee is a small community where everybody knows (everyone), and there have been many girls I have recommended come here – (sometimes) the older girls bring in the younger ones,” she says.

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