‘I get a warm, fuzzy feeling from volunteering’

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Lynne Hurd (right) and resident Mildred Covill enjoy a conversation at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home.

Volunteer Lynne Hurd shares how donating her time to residents has impacted her

Two years ago, Lynne Hurd was helping her friend find a long-term care home for her husband, when they ended up at Rosebridge Manor.

Lynne noticed a resident who was upset. A staff member walking by stopped, went over to the resident, gave him a big hug and said, “Everything’s going to get better because you’re going to tell me what’s wrong.”

“I turned around to my friend and said, ‘This is where (your husband) is coming,’ ” Lynne recalls.

Lynne was so touched by the staff member’s compassion she decided to become a volunteer at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home.

Lynne volunteers in many capacities at Rosebridge Manor. She helps with resident outings and she helps organize Christmas bazaars. But what she does most is what she calls “friendly visits” with residents – one-to-one time.

When she comes to Rosebridge Manor every Thursday, life enrichment co-ordinator Kathy Barr will recommend residents for Lynne to visit with for one-to-ones.

Lynne sometimes works with residents who are experiencing agitation and has found that having a quiet conversation can have a calming effect on people.

At Christmas she will bring gifts for those residents who do not have family members. If she finds out a resident’s family member has a birthday coming up, Lynne will buy a card for them to sign.

“I get a warm, fuzzy feeling from volunteering,” Lynne says. “I get as much as I give.”

Kathy says Lynne is a valued Rosebridge Manor volunteer.

“She is a bright light who is full of humour and full of life,” Kathy says. “She makes the folks smile and she listens to them, and they look forward to her coming in. Lynne is a godsend as a volunteer.”

April 23-29 is National Volunteer Week 2017. The week is marked by events nationwide that celebrate volunteers and all they do to enrich the lives of others. This year marks the 76th National Volunteer Week.

Anyone interested in volunteering at an OMNI Health Care long-term care home can call 1-705-748-6631 for more information.

More information on National Volunteer Week can be found by visiting the campaign’s website.

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