Housekeeper ‘goes above and beyond’ duties

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge names Barb Prowse Everyday Hero

If a resident asks for a cup of coffee or requests assistance, Barb Prowse is quick to put down her cleaning supplies and lend a hand.

While her environmental services’ duties are plenty and regimented, Prowse’s attitude towards her work is flexible. The Rosebridge Manor housekeeper doesn’t punch a clock and consistently makes others’ arising needs fit into her schedule.

Staff at the Jasper long-term care home recently recognized Prowse as Rosebridge Manor’s Everyday Hero.

“I think Barb was very touched because a lot of the things Barb does aren’t always out in the open,” says Rosebridge Manor administrator Tracy Foster.

“While she doesn’t provide that hands-on nursing care, you always see Barb assisting the residents, meeting their needs within her capacity. She knows everybody. She knows their likes and dislikes. She contributes to suggestions about improving care and services at any level.

“She goes above and beyond.”

Prowse, a 21-year employee of Rosebridge Manor, is a member of the home’s health and safety committee and runs the social committee.

The housekeeper also makes a contribution to the staff at Rosebridge by caring for others. She organizes and ensures colleagues who need support during a challenging personal obstacle receive a card and/or flowers. She also builds morale.

“She (contributes) to that whole Rosebridge culture,” Foster says. “A strong work-life quality for staff contributes to the well-being of the culture here, which obviously filters down to the life quality for residents – happy staff, happy residents. Barb does all of that.”

OMNI Health Care’s Everyday Hero award is presented to staff members from each of the organization’s 18 long-term care homes to recognize employees’ hard work and dedication to residents.

The Everyday Hero and Inspired Leader award recipients were announced at OMNI’s managers’ forum in Kingston in May. Since then, homes have been hosting their own award ceremonies to honour award recipients.

Nutritional Care Manager Kori Bigelow-Tarr is Rosebridge’s Inspired Leader. Read her story here.

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