HCA: Village Green is more than a workplace, it’s a family

Village Green

Village Green

‘My friends are all here, the residents are like my second family, and it’s comfortable here,’ says Sherry MacDonald

SELBY, Ont. – When Sherry MacDonald started working at Village Green in 1985 she had just left school and thought she would just be there for a short time. But 33 ½ years later, Sherry is still working at the Greater Napanee long-term care home.

Sherry started working in the kitchen, and she liked the money she was earning. But before long it was more than just a job she had – it was an extended family, she says. In fact, one of her family members, an aunt, was also working at Village Green at the time.

“This is like my home,” Sherry tells The OMNIway. “My friends are all here, the residents are like my second family, and it’s comfortable here.”

Adding to this, Sherry, who today works as a health-care aide (HCA), says Village Green is the only place outside of her home where she feels “at home.”

Sherry says she has too many fond memories of working at Village Green over the years to name just one favourite moment, but she says what has been unique about her career is how she and her colleagues have grown together.

This has created strong camaraderie among the Village Green team. This camaraderie is part of the home’s culture, Sherry says.

“We have had our kids together, we have raised them all together, we now have grandchildren together, and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for one another,” Sherry says.

“If one of us needs something, the rest of us will come.”

And when new staff members come on board, they fit into this culture, Sherry adds.

“The new staff is fitting into that mould too, they’re fitting into this family thing we have going on,” she says.

Village Green is celebrating 40 years in the community of Selby in 2018. Throughout 2018, The OMNIway will be featuring stories and videos about home’s residents, staff members and volunteers.

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