Garden Terrace residents are growing healthy feed for parrot rehab and adoption centre

Collaboration between the home and Parrott Partners will provide a valuable service to some feathered friends

Garden Terrace has launched a collaboration with Parrot Partners, a nonprofit rehabilitation, training and adoption centre for parrots, that will see residents grow, harvest and prepare nutritious, organic herbs and vegetables to feed the birds in the organization’s care.

Plants will be grown in Garden Terrace’s courtyard using the traditional seasonal method as well as inside using year-round aeroponic technology.

Raised planting beds, aeroponic units and materials were brought to Garden Terrace and an orientation and education session was held May 27 for residents.

Many of the birds Carleton Place-based Parrot Partners works with come from homes where the owners could no longer keep them, so the organization works to rehabilitate them and find the parrots loving homes.

As part of the collaboration, residents will have the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of parrots every other month.

During their meetings with Parrot Partners, the residents will learn how their gardening and interaction with the birds is contributing to their rehabilitation and helping the environment, explains Garden Terrace life enrichment co-ordinator Sylvia Monette.

“Residents asked many questions and enjoyed learning about the training of the parrots and the planting,” Sylvia tells The OMNIway. “They are looking forward to their gardens growing and having the parrots on their follow-up visit July 15.”

Parrot Partners recently visited Forest Hill, another Kanata long-term care home in the OMNI Health Care family. Click here to read about the visit to Forest Hill.

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