Fun and laughter complement new cruise experience

Six residents tour the Thousand Islands

The Pleasant Meadow Manor team changed things up for this year’s annual boat cruise last week by taking six residents to Gananoque to tour the Thousand Islands — a move that delighted those participants.

In past years the Norwood long-term care home took residents to Stony Lake for a boat cruise in summer. However, cruises at Stony Lake are unavailable this year, so the team decided to take residents more than two hours away to Gananoque, and both the cruise and the drive down presented opportunities for fun and laughter, says life enrichment co-ordinator Chris Garden.[wzslider info=”true”]

Garden packed a lunch of sandwiches, doughnuts and fruit for the six residents, four staff members and a volunteer who went on the cruise, which was a good time from start to finish, she says.

“We laughed and giggled all the way there on the long ride, and the residents enjoyed the boat cruise, even though it was a little overcast in some places,” Garden says.

Resident Helen Hogg, who has lived at Pleasant Meadow Manor since May, says it’s activities like the cruise that make life at the home special.

She says her favourite parts of the day were driving down to Gananoque in the OMNI van and seeing the boats on the water once they arrived at Lake Ontario.

“And it was a finger-licking good lunch,” Hogg laughs, adding this was her favourite outing to date.

Given that the group was not familiar with the trip between Norwood and Gananoque there was one small issue — they briefly got lost. But even that was fun for people, says Garden.

“We had a GPS, so we quickly found our way back to the correct route,” she chuckles.

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