Frost Manor’s Rick Riel proves to be a handy jeweler for resident

In the spur of the moment, maintenance manager fixes two earrings for Marie Evanoff

LINDSAY, Ont. – Frost Manor maintenance and environmental services manager Rick Riel recently demonstrated his resident focus when Marie Evanoff asked him to repair an earring.

After Rick fixed Marie’s earring and gave it back to her, she chuckled and handed him the other half of the pair, which Rick happily fixed as well.

Marie then let administrator Connie Abrams know about Rick’s helpfulness. As the Lindsay long-term care home’s maintenance and environmental services manager, Rick has a heavy workload. But Connie says no matter how busy Rick is, he always puts the needs of residents first.

And the residents notice this.

“(Marie) wanted me to know that Rick took time out of his busy day to fix … her earrings,” Connie says. “She was so impressed that he would do this for her.”

Mindfulness was a major theme during OMNI Health Care’s recent Quality Forum. Mindfulness was discussed in presentations as a major ingredient in recipes for quality experiences in long-term care.

A recent OMNIway story discussed how Rick also fixed resident Dean Smith’s bed on short notice – and how he wouldn’t leave until the job was done.

Rick, Connie says, embodies the concept of mindfulness.

“(These stories are) examples of a manager taking extra time to make life better for a resident, even in his busy schedule,” Connie says. “During both these instances, Rick sat to talk with the residents and took time to show the residents how important he felt they were.”

– This is Part 2 of a two-part story

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