Frost Manor’s new washroom signs decreasing confusion

BSO team comes up with solution to end washroom-tub room confusion

When Frost Manor’s Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team noticed some residents were trying to enter the tub room while trying to find the washroom, they came up with an idea in December to get new signage to make things simple.

The move made a difference almost immediately, Justin Hills, a registered practical nurse and BSO lead at the Lindsay long-term care home, tells The OMNIway.

“Because our tub room is near the main lounge, residents, specifically during mealtimes, will think that that’s a washroom, so they will continue to try to go to that room,” Justin explains.

“So we got a sign (for the door) that specifically says ‘tub room’ on it. Now when residents see that it is a tub room, they will go to the closest washroom, so staff will be there to assist them.”

The tub room is secured with a keypad lock, so residents were sometimes struggling with the doorknob and becoming agitated because they couldn’t get in, Justin says.

Additionally, the BSO team now has a new sign for the door on the public washroom that reads “toilet” and is embossed with a picture of a toilet. The sign has large white lettering and is set against a black backdrop, which makes it easy to read for people with visual challenges.

The new washroom and tub room signs are also at the midway point on the doors, which also makes it easier for people to read, Justin points out.

“After only about five or six days, the tub room sign was working well,” he says. “If (residents) have to go to the washroom, they will know that this is the tub room and they will stop continually trying to get in there.”

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