Frost Manor’s new dining-room sign stemming congestion, confusion for residents

BSO team’s intervention pays off immediately

When it was discovered that some residents were finding the congestion in Frost Manor’s lounge area confusing while walking to the dining room at mealtimes, the Lindsay long-term care home’s Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team came up with a solution.

Registered practical nurse and BSO team lead Justin Hills says team members noticed some residents were becoming confused as they entered the lounge area en route to the dining room.

Residents making their way to the dining room from one of the hallways will come to a wall where they can either turn right or left. The dining room is to the left, but many people were turning right, Justin says.

This is where the problem was arising. Just before mealtimes, the area often becomes crowded, and if someone becomes agitated it can lead to responsive behaviours.

“So we put a sign for the dining room, pointing off to the left, so that those people who come to the left will be able to walk freely around, and then another sign points to the dining room to the right, so all they have to do is make a little detour,” he explains.

“They still get to the same location at the same time, but (having the sign in place) leads to less congestion in the main area.”

A month after putting the sign up, the flow of residents from the hallway to the dining room has become smooth, Justin says.

“We have noticed that the congestion in the main lounge has (decreased) and made navigation easier,” he says.

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