Frost Manor residents enjoy a day of ‘horsing around’

Frost Manor resident Jean Gibb is seen here giving a kiss to a horse during a visit to a local farm, as Tanya Smith looks on. Tanya, who works in Frost Manor’s environmental services department, organized the trip to the farm, which is owned by her mother-in-law, Nancy DeGeer.

15 residents take 2nd trip to staff member’s in-laws’ family farm to visit horses and enjoy a day in the country

LINDSAY, Ont. – The day may have started off with pouring rain, but even that didn’t dampen the spirits of the 15 Frost Manor residents and staff members who paid a visit to Tanya Smith’s mother-in-law’s farm near Lindsay on June 13.

Frost Manor resident Gloria Woodcock (centre) poses for a photo with a horse during a visit to Nancy DeGeer’s farm on June 13. Pictured alongside Gloria are life enrichment aide Jesse Fraser (left) and director of care Doneath Stewart (right).

Tanya, who works in the environmental services department at the Lindsay long-term care home, invited the residents to Nancy DeGeer’s 99-acre farm to spend time with horses and other animals while enjoying a break in the country.

This was the second time residents visited the farm. The first time residents visited the farm was in October. Because everyone had such a good time, Tanya and Nancy invited everyone back.

While it rained for most of the four-hour visit, residents, staff and the hosts passed the time by singing and playing games inside the large tent Frost Manor maintenance manager Rick Riel had set up the night before. (Author’s note: Rick also did a fantastic job keeping water off the tent and keeping residents dry, even if that meant getting soaked himself!)

Eventually, the rain subsided and the horses, goats and chickens were brought down to the tent for the residents to see.

Residents especially enjoyed the horses, and many posed for photos with the animals. Resident Jean Gibb was granted her wish to kiss a horse.

Nancy and her family also prepared a lunch of sandwiches and macaroni and cheese for everyone, and they kept the hot tea and coffee coming out to the tent to help keep everyone warm.

Frost Manor administrator Connie Abrams, who was also attending the event, says everyone at the home is grateful to Nancy and her family for hosting the residents and staff.

Connie adds she had a laugh over a comment Tanya made when someone commended her for her work organizing the day.

“Tanya said, ‘I just do it for the karma,’ ” Connie says.

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