Frost Manor residents embracing iPad program

Pictured left to right, Frost Manor residents Michael Lane, Dorothy Burrows, Chrystol Broom, Sharon Arsenault and Sylvia Trumbull enjoying a Tablet Time session.

Tablet Time is allowing residents to embrace technology while fulfilling social and cognitive needs

The Tablet Time program launched in March at Frost Manor is introducing residents to new technology while providing entertaining and engaging activities.

The Lindsay long-term care home bought 10 iPads that have been loaded with a variety of game apps that residents of all abilities can enjoy.

Since the program was launched, about seven to 12 residents can be found participating at any given session.

Many of the games residents play on the iPads are geared towards maintaining hand-eye co-ordination and memory, but there’s also a social component, says life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lyndsay Burton.

The residents play cards, complete puzzles, paint, bowl and complete matching and word-search games.

Friendly competition has developed when residents play together on the same iPad when all the tablets are in use, Lyndsay says.

“The residents are proud about learning a new skill and will chat about competing scores or show off a completed puzzle or painting to the group,” the LEC tells The OMNIway.

“I think the residents get a real sense of accomplishment out of this program.”

The Frost Manor life enrichment team worked with an organization called Let’s Connect to train team members on how to teach residents to play tablet games.

Lyndsay says residents become highly focused during Tablet Time, and there’s a different tempo to the atmosphere when the program is in session.

“Staff often joke about how different this program is because most programs at Frost Manor tend to be more high energy, but the Tablet Time program is often very quiet,” she says.

“The volume level in the room goes down because the residents are so engaged and focused on the games on the tablets.”

The life enrichment team has started using the tablets with residents who have cognitive impairment by playing videos of babies, puppies or farm animals, which has created discussion among residents, staff and families, Lyndsay says.

“We have started to show families that they, too, can use the iPads to play these videos to spark discussion and create meaningful visits with their loved ones.”

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