Frost Manor family council connects for the first time since pandemic began

Council discusses pandemic and Christmas fundraiser ideas during video conference

For the first time since February, members of Frost Manor’s family council had a meeting on Oct. 29 when they connected during a video conferencing session.

Lyndsay Burton, the Lindsay, Ont. long-term care home’s life enrichment co-ordinator, also attended the meeting which focused on several topics, including the global COVID-19 pandemic and how to create a safe Christmas fundraiser.

For many of the council members, this was a time to reconnect with one another and discuss how the pandemic has affected them and their loved ones, Lyndsay tells The OMNIway.

“Some of the meeting focused on emotional topics about how they are separated from their loved ones and how it has impacted them having a loved one living in a long-term care home and how they have had to adapt to the changes that have happened,” Lyndsay says.

Lyndsay says the atmosphere was “exciting” and upbeat for family members. Simply having a chance to see each other and chat was important to them, she adds.

“It was nice to be able to see everybody in a group setting again, and we were laughing and joking as we got tours of everyone’s home and updates about what everyone was doing because they hadn’t seen each other in so long, so it was good for them to catch up and hear about what everybody has been up to for the past several months,” Lyndsay says.

One of the topics of discussion was the annual Christmas crafts sale and fundraiser, which Frost Manor will not be able to host this year due to the pandemic.

Instead, family council discussed the possibility of having a gift-card fundraiser by contacting local businesses to donate gift cards and selling raffle tickets for gift-card prizes.

“We discussed the logistics of doing that, so that will be the question to ponder for next meeting,” Lyndsay says.

Lyndsay says the Zoom-call meeting went so well the family council will continue to connect virtually during the pandemic.

“We are going to stick to the normal days where we have council meetings, but they will just be online,” she says.

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