‘From the moment I started working at OMNI, I knew wanted to stay with OMNI’

Pictured above, Lyndsay Irwin (left) recently became the life enrichment co-ordinator at Frost Manor. Lyndsay is seen here with volunteer Laurie Brooks.

Frost Manor’s new LEC, Lyndsay Irwin, reflects on her career with OMNI

Frost Manor’s new life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC), Lyndsay Irwin, says she knew she wanted a career at an OMNI Health Care long-term care home from the day she interviewed for her first job with the organization in 2013.

At the time, Lyndsay was a student in the leisure and recreation program at Fleming College. She applied for a life enrichment aide position at Riverview Manor in Peterborough and was called in for an interview.

“When I went for my interview at Riverview everyone was just so warm and welcoming, and there was just this feeling that I clicked with everyone, so I knew it was the right spot for me,” she tells The OMNIway.

Lyndsay got the job, and she worked at Riverview for the next four years. In 2017, she transferred to Frost Manor in Lindsay.

On April 9, Lyndsay was named Frost Manor’s new LEC, replacing Vi O’Leary, who retired after a 37-year career with Frost Manor.

“From the moment I started working at OMNI, I knew wanted to stay with OMNI,” Lyndsay says. “They supported me in my schooling, they helped me with bursaries throughout my schooling, so they really invested in me from the beginning.”

Lyndsay says she has received lots of support from her colleagues to ready her for her new position. Of note, she cites Riverview Manor LEC Sherry Baldwin and Vi as providing a wealth of knowledge that’s helped guide her journey on her career path.

“Sherry really took me under her wing when I was in the recreation and leisure program at Fleming. She really taught me all the things that would be required of a life enrichment co-ordinator, so it was a great opportunity for me to learn,” Lyndsay says.

“When I started at Frost Manor, Vi was able to teach me her tricks of the trade, for instance, working with a smaller home as opposed to a larger home. … Between Sherry and Vi, I was really well-equipped.”

Since starting her position as Frost Manor’s LEC, Lyndsay says she has received encouragement and support from the rest of the management team.

“I have had some really wonderful teachers here.”

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