Frost Manor

From cook to administrator, Neil MacDonald discusses his OMNI career path

Neil, who recently became Frost Manor’s administrator, says he was looking at managerial roles from his earliest days with OMNI

Several years ago, when he was working as a cook and dietary aide at Riverview Manor, Neil MacDonald was thinking about a career path that would lead him to become a long-term-care home administrator.

On April 8, after stints working at Riverview Manor, Frost Manor, Springdale Country Manor and Willows Estate, Neil became the administrator at Frost Manor in Lindsay.

“I (knew that) at some point I would want to pursue an advancement towards (the administrator position) – I didn’t know I would become an administrator, but I did strive towards it,” he tells The OMNIway.

Neil started his career with OMNI Health Care as a cook and dietary aide at Riverview Manor. He completed culinary school and accepted a position as Frost Manor’s nutritional care manager in 2014.

Neil later became NCM at Riverview Manor in Peterborough. After a short time away from OMNI, Neil came back to help at Willows Estate during an outbreak early in 2021.

During his time with OMNI, Neil has also worked short placements when needed at Springdale Country Manor and Pleasant Meadow Manor.

Two months into the administrator position, Neil says he’s enjoying the job and there’s a lot of familiarity for him at Frost Manor.

He notes that he and nutritional care manager Zach Jarvis went to culinary school together, and he has worked with several other Frost Manor team members over the years.

“It’s really great to step into a role and be familiar with the team you work with,” he says.

“I really enjoy the teamwork and the camaraderie, and I guess my favourite part (of being administrator) is understanding how the management team and the staff at Frost Manor really work together towards the common goal of providing the best quality of resident care that we can provide and being a part of that – this has been the most rewarding part so far.”

Looking ahead, Neil says he wants to see everyone working at Frost Manor continue to grow as a team and achieve the best possible quality of care for residents.

“That’s really what I want to be successful at and what I look forward to each day – that camaraderie and teamwork towards always improving ourselves, which in turn ultimately provides better quality of care for our residents,” he says.

– This is Part 1 of a three-part story

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