Fresh veggies, anyone? Country Terrace delivering more meals made from home-grown produce

Pictured above, Country Terrace has been serving pizza topped with veggies grown in the home’s garden.

Pizza, pizza buns and colourful garnishes are some of the latest offerings from the kitchen

Imagine biting into a slice of homemade pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions, grown in your own garden. Or tearing into a warm, fresh-from-the-oven pizza bun made with the same vine-ripened tomatoes.

These are culinary pleasures Country Terrace residents have recently been enjoying, and it’s all thanks to the

Fresh-from-the-oven pizza buns.

Komoka, Ont. long-term care home’s “farm-to-table” meal service the nutritional care team has embraced to enhance the quality of meal service.

The OMNIway recently told you about how Country Terrace has started “farm-to-table” cooking, which centres on using vegetables and herbs grown in the home’s backyard garden. The produce Country Terrace is growing includes tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, onions and garlic.

Most recently, nutritional care manager Alex Achillini and his team used tomatoes, onions and peppers grown in the home’s garden as toppings on homemade pizzas. The tomatoes were also recently used to make pizza buns, and sliced tomatoes have been a favourite garnish for other meals.

In July, the nutritional care team prepared zucchini-chocolate-chip-coconut muffins, which went over well with residents, Alex says.

Fresh tomatoes garnish a plate of turkey salad.

“Farm-to-table” cooking is a current trend in the food-service industry. Many restaurants are growing their own vegetables and herbs on rooftops to ensure meals look and taste as fresh as possible. This is the type of high-quality service Country Terrace is trying to bring residents, Alex says.

The project has been a collaboration between three departments: maintenance, nutritional care and life enrichment.

The life enrichment department came up with the idea to grow the garden, maintenance manager Dave Payne takes care of the vegetables and herbs grown, and the nutritional care team prepares meals from the garden’s produce.

“It’s a team effort for everyone,” says Alex, adding Dave has done “an excellent job” caring for the garden.

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