Fresh-baked buns wowing Country Terrace residents

Country Terrace nutritional care manager Alex Achillini is seen here rolling out dough to make fresh, from-scratch dinner rolls.

Every Wednesday the nutritional care team is baking fresh dinner rolls for residents, and the residents are loving it

As part of Country Terrace’s mission to continually improve the quality of food service at the Komoka, Ont. long-term care home, the nutritional care team is baking homemade buns every Wednesday to serve with dinner.

Pictured above, dinner rolls, fresh from the Country Terrace kitchen oven.

Country Terrace nutritional care manager Alex Achillini says the idea to make homemade buns came from a conversation he had with administrator Karen Dann. They were talking about how many residents would have made fresh-baked buns and bread to serve with meals, so it was an idea worth trying.

Alex says homemade buns taste better than store-bought or frozen buns, so his team decided to dedicate Wednesday afternoons to making dinner rolls from scratch.

“By 4 p.m., the buns are coming out of the oven warm, and at 5 o’clock we have supper, so they are being served nice and warm,” he explains.

Mealtimes, Alex notes, are often the most important times of the day for people living in long-term care homes, so offering fresh-baked buns to eat with their dinner is one way to enhance quality food service.

Two weeks after starting the initiative, the residents are loving the fresh-baked buns, he says.

“It is going really, really well, and the residents love (the buns),” Alex says. “I can tell you that if you took one, you would want to take a second one.”

Since residents have been so receptive to the homemade buns, Alex says he and the nutritional care team are now looking at testing other baked goods, such as cheese bread or focaccia.

Alex says offering residents fresh-baked dinner rolls is taking residents back to a time they fondly remember.

“Many people go to stores today to buy (baked goods), but this generation of residents used to make their own bread, they used to make their own pies, and they know the taste of homemade bread,” he says.

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