Fred Pym’s creativity flourishing at Village Green

Village Green resident Fred Pym is seen here working on a plastic canvas.

Resident works tirelessly on his plastic canvas artwork, often taking requests from others

Resident Fred Pym is wowing everyone at Village Green with the plastic canvas art06 he has been making.

A hobby he began after he retired, Fred has created scores of plastic canvas artwork. His first piece was a gingerbread house he made for a friend. His other designs include two fire stations, a Santa Claus with his seven reindeer and a Kleenex box cover.

“The first one I did when I got here (to Village Green) was a Kleenex box cover that I didn’t have a pattern for, so I just measured the Kleenex box and made a plastic craft cover to fit it,” Fred tells The OMNIway.

Plastic canvas art starts with lightweight plastic sheet that has regularly spaced holes that resembles embroidery canvas that yarn is pulled through to create a design.

Since moving to the Greater Napanee long-term care home, Fred has been honing his talents.

“I have learned a lot since I have been here,” he says, adding he has even sold some of the items he has made.

Currently, Fred is working on two more Kleenex box covers and a bookmark, which have been requested by others.

Village Green lie enrichment co-ordinator Karen Coulter says Fred takes his hobby seriously is always working on a project.

“Fred is very diligent – he works every day, every morning right after breakfast and he works whether or not another activity is going on,” Karen says.

“He will even participate in the activities while he works away at his needle-pointing.”

When Fred is at work, other residents will continuously stop by to inquire about his projects, Karen adds.

There is also a new resident at Village Green who makes plastic canvas art, so she and Fred have been working together.

“They have a lot in common and they have been talking about (plastic canvas art) quite a bit,” Karen says.

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