Former RPN returns as RAI/CCC co-ordinator

Becky Brownson has good vibes about OMNI

Becky Brownson reluctantly left Burnbrae Gardens nine years ago; a health ministry guideline had made it impossible for her to continue her job as RPN and care for her family.

Becky Brownson. File Photo.

Becky Brownson. File Photo.

So she made the best of the situation and gained community nursing experience in a position with the Victorian Order of Nurses.

In March, Brownson came back to Burnbrae Gardens, now with a more flexible family routine, to become the Campbellford long-term care home’s RAI co-ordinator and clinical care co-ordinator.

“There’s lots to learn in the new position of RAI co-ordinator,” Brownson tells the OMNIway, noting her job entails ensuring all coding is done properly on the floor and then inputting it to the health ministry’s interface.

That means coding every interaction between staff and resident. It translates to four sheets per resident per shift — and there are three shifts a day. That’s a lot of paperwork to support the staff members with and a lot of data entry.

“A lot of my job is motivating staff (members) to complete the paperwork accurately and to find ways to help them understand it,” Brownson says.

One of the things she appreciates most about working for OMNI Health Care is the emphasis on education and learning. In her first week back at Burnbrae Gardens, she and other staff members spent two days in training on behaviour management. She’s also been to Service Ontario training and has been educated on safety devices since her return.

“You wake up every morning excited to go to your job,” she says. “That’s a great feeling.”

Brownson says the culture and small size of Burnbrae Gardens are other reasons why she loves her job.

“We are the smallest of the OMNI homes, with just 43 beds,” she says. “It’s an intimate environment. We are all close.”