Forest Hill hosts a parrot educational program

Meaghan Keaney-Pearman of Parrot Partners shows Mad Max, a kea parrot, to Forest Hill resident Joan Davis.

Parrot Partners, a training and adoption centre for parrots, brings 3 birds to the home

Forest Hill recently played host to some parrots as part of a program that was both unique and educational.

Meaghan Keaney-Pearman from Carleton Place-based Parrot Partners, a nonprofit rehabilitation, training, and adoption centre for parrots, arrived at the Kanata long-term care home with some of her feathered friends to teach everyone about these colourful birds.

Folks from Parrot Partners often visit long-term care homes and schools in the region to help people learn about parrots and interact with the birds.

Three parrots were at Forest Hill that day: a salmon-crested cockatoo, a kea parrot and a macaw.

“The presentation was really well done,” Forest Hill life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Craig Forrest tells The OMNIway. “It was very educational, and Meaghan explained a lot about different parrots and about each breed.”

One of the things residents and staff members learned is that parrots are not always the best pets for people. For example, people should know that owning a parrot can literally be a lifetime commitment, since it’s not unusual for the birds to live to be in their 90s.

If parrots are not properly trained and looked after, they can also develop behavioural issues, such as loud screaming, residents and staff members were told.

Many of the birds Parrot Partners work with come from homes where the owners could no longer keep them, so the organization works to rehabilitate them and find the parrots loving homes.

Craig says hosting Parrot Partners was also helpful to the birds.

“Part of the reason they do these shows is to help the birds with their social skills, and visits like this really help them,” the LEC says.

You can learn more about Parrot Partners by visiting the organization’s website.

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