Fleming OT/PT students wrap up 7-week placement by organizing a fun event for residents

Pictured above, Riverview Manor residents were treated to a “tournament day” organized by placement students from Fleming College.

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – A group of students from Fleming College’s occupational therapy assistant and physiotherapy assistant (OP/PT) program wrapped up a seven-week placement at Riverview Manor by treating the Peterborough long-term care home’s residents to a “tournament day” that featured competitive activities that were also fun and had physical benefits.

The students and their instructor, Natasha Annette-Lawrence, organized the Feb. 21 event. All residents were invited to participate. Many residents who chose not to join the event still came to cheer on their friends.

Residents were divided into two teams – the Nice Ladies and the Tigers – and they squared off in five different events: a ring toss, a ball-in-the-cup game, a hockey game, a beanbag toss and a relay.

During the event there were lots of smiles on residents’ faces and lots of cheering and applauding from their peers as the teams swatted large balls with paddles and tossed rings and beanbags.

“The activities incorporate range of motion and fine motor skills in a fun way,” Natasha tells The OMNIway.

Students Peterann Gray, Holland Jans, Mina Tran and Rosie Do led the event and encouraged residents as they competed to win prize bags.

For more than 10 years, students from Fleming’s occupational therapist assistant and physiotherapist assistant program have been working with Riverview Manor residents, physiotherapists and physiotherapist assistants to build their skill sets through a partnership between the home and college.

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