Family member says he’s found the best possible care for his wife at West Lake Terrace

I’m really pleased with the staff and with everything that’s going on there,’ says Wilf Durham

Wilf Durham says since his wife Marjorie has been living at West Lake Terrace, the staff at the Prince Edward County long-term care home has accommodated her needs and provided her with top-level care.

A doting husband to his wife of 64 years, Wilf naturally wanted the best care possible for Marjorie when she reached a stage in her life when she required long-term care. And Wilf says quality care is what Marjorie receives at West Lake Terrace.

In a recent interview with The OMNIway, Wilf shared the story of his life with Marjorie.

The couple, originally from England, met in Marjorie’s hometown of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, where Wilf, who hails from Sheffield, had gone to work for the de Havilland Aircraft Company after completing his university studies.

A close lifelong bond the couple has shared is a love of sports. When they met, Wilf was an avid footballer, while Marjorie had passions for tennis and cycling. They both loved golf and curling as well.

“Our life outside of work was spent in sports,” Wilf says.

The couple married in the summer of 1957.

Wilf would go on to work as a teacher in Welwyn Garden City, and in 1968 he accepted a teaching position at a high school in Toronto. Wilf, Marjorie and their daughter moved to Canada that year.

Wilf’s teaching career would eventually take the family to Marathon, Ont., where he became vice-principal and head of the mathematics department at the town’s high school.

The couple would move to Picton, Ont. in 1993, and then to nearby Wellington in 2002.

Since Marjorie has been living at West Lake Terrace, Wilf says the home’s staff members have always been there for both of them.

For example, when Marjorie first moved into the home she was living in a shared room, but Wilf, who is Marjorie’s power of attorney, thought she’d be happier in a single-bed room.

“So I applied for that and she got it, and from then on in she really improved,” Wilf says.

Wilf adds that Marjorie’s love of sports remains strong, and West Lake Terrace staff members will make sure she gets to watch any sporting events she enjoys on TV.

Marjorie has also enjoyed the activities West Lake Terrace offers, with bingo being one of her favourites, Wilf says.

“I’m really pleased with the staff and with everything that’s going on there,” he says.

This is Part 1 of a two-part story.

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