Family member praises Brighton home’s response to global pandemic

Karen Zidenberg, right, poses in an earlier picture with her mother, Florence Zidenberg, who is a resident of Maplewood in Brighton.

‘I couldn’t ask for anything better’: Karen Zidenberg

Karen Zidenberg has peace of mind knowing her mother is in caring hands because of the way Maplewood is handling the global outbreak of COVID-19.

The Brighton resident’s mother, Florence, has lived at the Brighton long-term care home for three years. Karen tells The OMNIway she’s thoroughly impressed by the approach Maplewood’s team has taken in regards to deploying safety precautions and strategies aimed at preventing the virus from entering the home.

“I think they have responded to the crisis in an amazing way,” Karen says.

“They have their staff and resident safety at the forefront and as a priority.

“Family members might not love the fact that they can’t see their family members even though they want to, but everything that has been done has been done in the best interest of keeping everybody very safe. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Maplewood keeps the communication fluid with family members. Karen recently received a newsletter from the home and she appreciates the update.

The daughter says she had bits and pieces of information and the newsletter helped provide a complete picture. “It was a good way to summarize and see all of the safety precautions that they are putting into place.”

One of those measures includes keeping residents in their rooms, a move that Karen supports.

If she wants a more individualized update, Karen is comfortable calling the nurses’ station at the home every so often for an update on her mother’s health and well-being.

The home has arranged for her to have FaceTime with her mom as well.

Maplewood’s concern for resident safety became personal for Karen when she recently received a phone call about her mother exhibiting a new cough and an elevated fever.

“They notified me immediately.” Maplewood outlined the steps it had taken, which included isolating her mom and testing her with two different swabs.

They tested her mother for COVID-19 and were “very open about it, which I loved. It made me nervous, of course,” she says.

As soon as the test came back negative, they phoned Karen with the good news.

“I have not felt at all that I’ve been in the dark…not for one moment.

“I think they’re doing an amazing job.”

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