Family member donates another robotic cat to add to Frost Manor’s collection

Lisa Hughes (right) and her daughter Mckenna are pictured here with a robotic cat they recently donated to Frost Manor.

Residents have been enjoying their other two cats so much, Lisa Hughes decided to give them one more

LINDSAY, Ont. – Lisa Hughes and her daughter Mckenna dropped by Frost Manor in April with a surprise for the Lindsay long-term care home’s residents: one more robotic pet cat.

This is the third robotic cat Lisa has donated to Frost Manor. In December, she and her friend, Pat Finney, donated two cats to residents. The robotic felines have been a smashing success with Frost Manor’s residents, says life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton.

One key benefit team members are seeing is a reduction in wandering and restless behaviours when residents who are affected by cognitive impairment spend time holding the cats, the LEC notes, adding the stuffed animals bring out residents’ “nurturing, caring nature.”

Lisa’s uncle lives at Frost Manor, and she says the care and love he receives from staff members inspired her to do something for the home. Knowing how much residents loved the first two cats that were donated, Lisa decided to add a third cat to their collection.

Lisa says she has seen the positive impact the cats have had on people. For instance, one day while she was visiting Frost Manor she spotted two residents sitting in their wheelchairs enjoying one of the cats.

“One lady was petting the cat, and she then put it down on the floor as they were talking, and the other lady picked it up and started petting it,” Lisa says. “It was like they were sharing a real cat.”

Robotic cats and dogs have become fixtures in long-term care homes in recent years. The fur on the life-like animals feels realistic, they meow, have heartbeats, and they can move their ears and eyes. They also respond to being touched and petted.

Lisa says she brought Mckenna to Frost Manor because her daughter wanted to see how happy the residents would be to have one more cat. Mckenna says she was glad to see the residents enjoying their furry friends.

“I felt happy,” Mckenna says.

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