Family and community support for Kentwood Park team continues to flourish

Staff members have received cards and gifts that have helped keep morale high during a challenging time

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic was declared in March, the Kentwood Park team has received unwavering support from the families of the Picton, Ont. long-term care home’s residents as well as the local community.

Life enrichment aide Brandy Courtney says she and her colleagues have received gift cards as well as thank-you cards from many of the families of the 45 residents who call Kentwood Park home.

Brandy says she often gets encouraging words from residents’ families over the phone, too.

“Every time I talk to a family member, they thank us and (tell me) they really appreciate us,” she tells The OMNIway.

“The families have really been quite understanding and quite fair with everything that’s going on.

“It has been tough, and I understand that families have a tough time with only being able to see their loved one occasionally.”

Whenever Kentwood Park receives a thank-you card from a family member to express gratitude to the staff for their hard work, Brandy reads the messages during the team’s morning huddle.

The community has also been showing its support for Kentwood Park residents and staff members, Brandy adds.

For instance, a local Lions Club recently delivered doughnuts, muffins, coffee and a fruit basket to the team.

“It has been really nice to have that support,” Brandy says.

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