Common thread among Everyday Hero recipients is their resident focus

Staff members share common traits

From their caring nature to their strong work ethic, OMNI Health Care’s Everyday Heroes have similar characteristics.

Three long-term care home employees were recently bestowed the honour of an Everyday Hero Award.

One of those characteristics is selflessness, always lending a hand when needed. Burnbrae Gardens employee Debbie Fuller is a fine example.

Working as both a part-time physiotherapy assistant and part-time environmental services staff member, Debbie covers a lot of ground. But no matter what role she is in, Debbie is always leading by example, say her colleagues at the Campbellford long-term care home.

“Debbie never hesitates to jump in when required, regardless of her duties that day,” says Burnbrae Gardens administrator April Faux.

“Debbie picks up extra shifts, extended shifts, and moves her day around to accommodate us on a daily basis,” April says.

Debbie’s co-workers say she is always lending a helping hand. That’s one reason why she received Burnbrae Gardens’ 2017 Everyday Hero Award.

Janet Akey is also known for her commitment to putting others’ needs before her own.

The West Lake Terrace personal support worker (PSW), who retired in June, received West Lake Terrace’s 2017 Everyday Hero Award.

“Janet leads a busy life caregiving for her adult son on her off hours and sometimes comes to work with little sleep, yet never once has she let that affect her work or care for her residents,” says Janie Denard, life enrichment co-ordinator at the Prince Edward County long-term care home.

“She is always happy and remains calm no matter what is happening.”

Janet’s colleagues say they also wanted to honour her with the Everyday Hero Award to thank her for mentoring so many staff members and “providing us with an example of a PSW we can only hope to live up to.”

Putting residents first – and getting to know them well – makes Holly Bourgon, who recently retired, stand out from her peers.

Holly has been known as the “go-to person” around the Long Sault long-term care home.

Administrator Janna Sabourin says Holly “knew everything about every resident and would easily and effectively tell you how to do things. I admired this about Holly.”

Holly’s colleagues nominated her for the accolade of Woodland Villa’s 2017 Everyday Hero because she always knew so much about each resident.

The Everyday Hero Award is given out annually by each of OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes to recognize staff members who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to residents and co-workers.

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