Everyday Hero lifts spirits at West Lake Terrace

LG-HandsPSW receives recognition for her contributions

West Lake Terrace is honouring an employee who “brings out the best in everybody” and is cherished by residents and staff alike.

The 47-bed Picton-area long-term care home recently recognized personal support worker (PSW) Tracy Struthers with an OMNI Health Care “Everyday Hero” award.

Director of care (DOC) Cathi Kerr shares with The OMNIway her thoughts about what makes Struthers a worthy recipient of the honour.

“She’s the type of person who always comes to work just happy, smiling, in a good mood and just exuberant,” Kerr says.

“If you’re not in a good mood, within five or 10 minutes she’ll have you smiling and laughing as well. She just brings out the best in everybody.”

Struthers has a great rapport with the residents and enjoys chatting with them about their families, Kerr says. The PSW gently teases them about things they’ve done, is inquisitive about the jobs they’ve held in the past and asks about their grandchildren.

She also gets along well with her colleagues at West Lake Terrace.

“Her co-workers really look up to her,” Kerr notes.

“They use her as a sounding board, they come to her for anything they need, if they have questions or want support on something.  She’s just a really good all-round worker.

Struthers is modest about her contribution to West Lake Terrace. In accepting the Everyday Hero title during a recent event, she was humble and gracious, just as Kerr would have expected.

Struthers says she was “totally shocked” to learn she was named Everyday Hero.

“I was honoured that they recognized me,” the PSW tells The OMNIway.

She says she approaches her job with enthusiasm each day because she looks forward to seeing the residents and staff.

Struthers, who has worked in a variety of capacities in the home, will celebrate 28 years with OMNI in March 2016.

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