Entertainer inspires residents to ‘shimmy and shake’

‘He has always liked older people’

Harvey Bujold was living in Florida when an opportunity came to mind. He wanted more from his later years than sitting on a beach.

Harvey was looking for a chance to interact with and contribute to the community.

Emerging from that desire was the formation of Harvey & Friends, a group that provides entertainment for long-term care home residents in several communities east of Toronto.

Harvey & Friends brings music, dance and an unrivalled energy into the homes they visit.

“They are so interactive,” says Rachel Corkery, administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) for Maplewood, a 49-bed OMNI Health Care home in Brighton. “They pirouette and they shimmy and shake. They’re engaging and so friendly. Harvey has an infectious personality and brings you in.”

Rachel says Harvey & Friends is “by far” Maplewood’s most popular activity.

“(Residents) look forward to it.”

Marlene Bujold recalls how her husband’s venture started and what motivates him.

“He has always liked older people,” Marlene says. “And he likes to be active.”

Harvey & Friends entertain residents of nine long-term care homes in communities including Brighton, Marmora, Belleville, Sterling and Deseronto.

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