Enhancing quality of life through BSO is a group effort at Village Green

Village Green

Village Green

BSO team, front-line staff and outside resources all play a role

Implementing Behavioural Support Ontario (BSO) interventions to curb agitation for residents affected by cognitive impairment is a team effort at Village Green, says Judy Huyck.

Huyck, a registered nurse and BSO lead at the Greater Napanee long-term care home, says BSO team members, other front-line staff and family members will meet to share information about residents to enhance group knowledge of people’s conditions. This helps staff brainstorm to figure out the best interventions to use to improve people’s quality of life.

Village Green staff members are “very creative” and resourceful when it comes to developing ideas to enhance quality of life for residents, Huyck says.

For instance, the team noticed one resident was often fidgeting and agitated. Team members met with the residents’ family and discovered she enjoyed playing cards. So the resident was given a deck of cards to shuffle and the agitation stopped.

“She will now play solitaire or with other residents or with visitors,” Huyck says.

Another resident who has dementia will sometimes repeat herself continuously. But one of the nurses decided one day to give the resident a magazine with a recipe. The staff members asked the resident to read out the recipe’s step-by-step instructions.

“It worked well because the resident was then focused on something,” Huyck says.

BSO marries well with OMNI Health Care’s Supportive Measures program, which is focused on using individualized interventions to enhance residents’ quality of life. With BSO, registered staff will also look at medications, lab reports and patterns in behaviours based on reports.

In addition to in-house resources, the Village Green team also consults with groups outside the home to help address behaviours, such as a pain and palliative care consultants, pharmacists and a hospital psychogeriatric unit.

“We all have areas that we (specialize in) and it’s really exciting to see people brainstorming,” Huyck says.

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