Elvis impersonator brings ‘Burning Love’ to home

Maplewood treats couples to special luncheon

Maplewood residents are feeling the love.

As Feb. 14 nears, the Brighton long-term care home is hosting a variety of activities in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

In Maplewood’s dining room, decorative cherubs, cupids and hearts are strung to set the mood for the occasion. On Valentine’s Day, Maplewood will host junior Elvis impersonator William Young.

“He’s coming in Valentine’s Day afternoon to entertain us and bring all of that steamy romance that Elvis always did,” says Rachel Corkery, Maplewood administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC).

There will be tables for two at meal time. “We have always done a special Valentine’s Day couples’ luncheon,” she adds.

In particular, two of the home’s female residents receive daily visits from their husbands. “These are very devoted husbands. It’s wonderful to watch the interaction,” Corkery says.

In the past, the home has prepared a Lady and the Tramp-themed luncheon with spaghetti, Caesar salad, garlic bread and wine. To make the experience special, life enrichment staff members wait on the couples, complete with towels on their arms.

The idea of the sweethearts’ dinner is to make husbands and wives feel like they are on a date. “We go around and serve them as if they were in a restaurant.

“It’s received well, especially from our couples,” Corkery says. For some people, it may be their first Valentine’s Day living apart from their spouses.

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 14, Maplewood has 25-cent candy-grams for sale so residents, staff and family members can exchange the chocolates and notes with those important to them.

Since the beginning of the month, residents have been manning the candy-gram booth, which features a basket of chocolates and a basket of cards, at the home’s entrance.

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