EDITORIAL: Quality Forums have not just evolved, they’ve become increasingly important

OMNI Health Care hosted its 2018 Quality Forum at Fern Resort Sept. 26-28, an event that brought managers from the organization’s 18 long-term care homes together to learn from others, share ideas with colleagues and experience the solidarity of the OMNI family.

When OMNI began hosting annual conferences for its home managers they were called “managers’ forums.” Today we call each yearly gathering the Quality Forum. The name change several years back is reflective of an evolving long-term care sector and OMNI not just keeping up with the times but also staying ahead of the curve.

Before 2012, forums were focused on themes like teamwork, collaboration and networking. There was also a strong motivational focus to each gathering. These aspects are still practised at Quality Forums, as they are still important and relevant to the long-term care sector in 2018. But it’s “quality” that’s central to everything we do.

Of course, providing high-quality experiences to residents has always been at the core of OMNI’s work, but keeping that focus top of mind has been the driving power for the past six years.

Quality, it needs to be underscored, is embedded in every aspect of resident care, from nursing to activities to meal service, to make OMNI the long-term care provider of choice. Quality is also embedded in the workplace culture to make OMNI the long-term-care employer of choice.

This brings us to another important milestone in the evolution of forums: increased engagement.

New at this year’s Quality Forum was a series of videos produced by OMNI team members. The videos were screened each day during the forum. Each video focused on an aspect of quality, including care, why OMNI homes are great places to work and what residents love most about living in OMNI homes.

The Amazing Quest for Quality Care, an outdoor interactive exercise where teams compete to perform tasks that align with various points of quality resident care, was brought back to this year’s forum. Teams did exceedingly well competing in the event.

The success of the videos and the Amazing Quest for Quality Care demonstrate that the quality focus is deeply embedded.

Finally, the Quality Forums are about caring for our team members. We want everyone to understand that we’re all in it together and we’re all in it for the same reason.