EDITORIAL: Quality Forum reminds OMNI team leaders why they work in LTC

It takes a certain type of person to work in a long-term care home, and the 2019 Quality Forum helped cement the notion that the 128 OMNI Health Care managers and other team members who attended were working where they should be.

This year’s forum, which was held at Fern Resort May 7-9, largely focused on self-reflection and rediscovering the joy of working in long-term care.

In fact, “joy” is the word that best sums up the 2019 Quality Forum.

The Quality Forum was held during Mental Health Week. Several of the sessions focused on mental well-being. Work impacts everyone’s mental health, no matter their profession. When we talk about the joy we garner through our work, we are talking about good mental health.

There is no better way to focus on the joy of working in long-term care than to highlight the residents living in OMNI’s 18 homes.

This year’s forum featured videos team members created that showcased residents telling their life stories. There was lots of laughter and applause during and after each video presentation. It was evident that what brings us the most joy at work is the residents we work with.

The rationale behind the video presentations was focused both on residents and staff members. Creating the videos meant team members had to reach down deep to their core and think about what brings them to work each day. Hearing the residents’ stories clearly reminded everyone why they work in long-term care.

Time is sometimes spent dealing with challenging situations at work, so it’s important to take a moment to step back and look at the impact people working in OMNI homes make. That really is what the Quality Forum was about.

A major benefit of Quality Forums is that they serve as venues for attendees to not only reflect on the work they do but also to reboot as a group and bring a renewed sense of purpose back to their homes.

This year’s forum certainly accomplished that mission.