EDITORIAL: OMNI’s people demonstrate what it means to bring hope, purpose and belonging to health care


The main ingredient that makes OMNI Health Care’s culture vibrant and the quality of care high in the organization’s 18 long-term care homes has always been its people.

Throughout 2017, The OMNIway highlighted many stories about people who made a positive impact on residents through their caring nature and innovation.

People like Frost Manor environmental services worker Tanya Smith, who organized two outings to her mother-in-law Nancy DeGeer’s farm this year.

On both trips, residents spent several hours visiting with Nancy and her family, and they had opportunities to see the horses, chickens, goats and other animals on the farm. For many residents, this was a chance to reminisce about growing up on a farm.

People like Riverview Manor life enrichment aide (LEA) Adam Wicklum, who every year organizes fundraisers and creates innovative resident programming.

This year, Adam created a program in September called Around the World in Eight Days, which paid homage to different cultures and offered residents opportunities to educate others about their own background as well as learn about other cultures in a fun and interactive setting.

Adam also spearheaded a Movember campaign once again this year that raised more than $1,900 for the Movember Foundation, which funds men’s health projects.

People like Streamway Villa LEA Tracey Neville, who was inspired to create a program for Mother’s Day after spotting wooden picture frames with heart shapes cut out of the centre while visiting a shop.

Tracey bought the frames and brought them to Streamway Villa, where she started a program that had the ladies living at the home decorate them. Tracey then called the sons and daughters of the ladies and asked them to bring photographs of them with their mothers.

The photographs were then placed into the picture frames the residents had designed. The residents were presented with the framed photographs on Mother’s Day morning.

These stories only scratch the surface of the many great things people working in OMNI homes do every day to enhance the quality of life for residents. But they provide a glimpse into the dedication that team members bring to the table.

As 2017 comes to close, OMNI team members can take pride in their accomplishments and congratulate themselves for another wonderful year of bringing hope, purpose and belonging to health care. You have done a wonderful job.