Editorial: OMNI team members demonstrate culture of quality at 2017 forum

OMNI team members are seen here participating in the Quest for Quality, a take on the Amazing Race. The event was held at the 2017 Quality Forum. The Quest for Quality was a competitive event designed to be fun and to underscore the importance of quality in OMNI homes.

OMNI Health Care team members working in the organization’s 18 long-term care homes demonstrated at the 2017 Quality Forum their understanding of what quality is, how important quality is to the residents they serve and their eagerness to deliver quality experiences.

A lot has changed since OMNI first made quality its organizational focus in 2012. At first, the word “quality” was “very foundational and mysterious,” OMNI president and CEO Patrick McCarthy recently explained.

Today, the notion of quality is embedded in OMNI’s culture. Quality continues to be – as it always has – a part of everything OMNI does. What has changed is the understanding everyone has of how quality affects everything.

Quality is not a top-down concept. It is created from within and delivered in all directions. This year’s Quality Forum, which was held May 30 to June 1 at Calabogie Peaks Resort, served as the perfect venue to demonstrate this notion.

A microcosm of this large-scale understanding of quality was demonstrated on Day 2 of the forum, via an outdoor activity created by Almonte Country Haven team members.

The Quest for Quality, which was a take on the Amazing Race, brought OMNI team members together to perform tasks focused on six different aspects of quality in long-term care: programming, activities of daily living, infection control, food services, safety and emergency preparedness.

Not only did the competitive event showcase everyone’s understanding of the importance of quality in long-term care, it was so well-received that there has been interest to replicate the event individually at OMNI homes, so those not attending the forum can try it for themselves.

Then there were presentations that focused on mindfulness as it relates to quality. Mindfulness, as discussed by presenters Sean McCann and Jayne Harvey, relates to how people treat each other and how our treatment of people affects everyone around us, positively or negatively.

McCann, a former member of Canadian folk-rock band Great Big Sea, and Harvey, a nurse consultant and motivational speaker, discussed personal experiences to underscore the importance of mindfulness. McCann even brought along his guitar and performed several songs, which garnered significant audience participation.

High staff engagement on all fronts was encouraging to see. It speaks to the high degree that OMNI team members are engaged in what they do and understand the value of quality they’re bringing others.