EDITORIAL: Every day is Seniors Day at OMNI

National Seniors Day was recognized across Canada on Oct. 1. The day, which is endorsed annually by the Government of Canada, is aimed at honouring older adults and celebrating their achievements and gifts.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chimed in to share his thoughts on Seniors Day.

“On National Seniors Day, we celebrate seniors across Canada and honour their invaluable contributions to our country,” the prime minister said in a statement.

“Canada’s seniors hold a unique and cherished place within our families, our workplaces, and our communities.”

At OMNI Health Care, of course, celebrating seniors is something we do every day in our 18 long-term care homes. It is as much a part of our culture as providing high-quality care.

Most people living in OMNI homes are seniors. Each person has a unique life story with unique experiences. OMNI homes celebrate residents’ achievements each year by nominating people living in our homes for Lifetime Achievement awards.

We have heard some outstanding stories this year from Lifetime Achievement Award recipients. From the military service of residents like Phillip Ash (Burnbrae Gardens) and Marnie Burke (Streamway Villa) to the community volunteering Victor Dawkes (Woodland Villa) has dedicated much of his life to, there is no shortage of amazing stories to tell.

Sharing their stories is one of the wonderful ways The OMNIway contributes to the bigger picture of quality within OMNI. Celebrating residents’ achievements and contributions makes us stronger and enhances the character of our organization.

But the remarkable stories of Lifetime Achievement Award recipients and the stories of other residents that get published in The OMNIway only scratch the surface. There are more than 1,400 residents living in OMNI long-term care homes, and they all have stories to tell.

Staff members hear these stories every day. They learn about each person’s life when residents move into an OMNI home. Having this knowledge helps team members create meaningful, individualized, high-quality programming for residents.

Every day, OMNI’s people learn about residents’ lives and achievements. Conversations are had and friendships are made and grow stronger as a result of people sharing stories. Because at OMNI, every day is Seniors Day.