Earth Day presentation generates lots of interest at Garden Terrace

Residents were keen to learn about the importance of sustainability and had many questions for presenter Sarah Vierra

Garden Terrace residents learned about the importance of sustainability as well as about the extinction of species and the impact this has on the environment during an Earth Day presentation at the Kanata, Ont. long-term care home.

The April 22 presentation was delivered by life enrichment aide Sarah Vierra who also explained that while humans are the main source of environmental damage, humans are also working towards solutions to increase sustainability and prevent further environmental harm.

“We looked at videos that talked about how in the past certain species were very prominent, that all the rainforests were still there, but deforestation happened and pushed them out,” explains Garden Terrace life enrichment co-ordinator Rachael King.

“As a result, today’s world has changed, and that was interesting for the residents to learn about.”

Recognized every April 22 since 1970, Earth Day is honoured worldwide to raise awareness of environmental issues and support environmental protection.

Some of the residents come from a generation where there was far less concern over the state of the global environment, but the presentation Sarah created sparked lots of interest, Rachael says.

“A lot of them were curious about different animals and where they originated,” she says. “One resident was asking about different types of frogs and what their colours mean, so they were pretty interested in everything.”

Rachael is commending Sarah for organizing the engaging presentation that piqued lots of interest from residents.

“It was well received by the residents; Sarah did a very good job,” she says.

Given the success of the Earth Day presentation and other learning programs residents have had, Rachael says the Garden Terrace life enrichment team will continue delivering educational sessions to residents throughout the year.

“We are going to do more educational programs like this to help inform residents about things going on in the world and things going on in the community,” she says.

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