Disney-inspired Halloween party wows Springdale residents and staff

Forget ghosts and goblins, the Halloween party at Springdale Country Manor this year featured the likes of Mickey Mouse and Snow White taking centre stage.

It was Disney characters that inspired the Oct. 29 event at the Peterborough-area long-term care home rather than the usual “spooky” creatures Halloween is known for.

And residents and staff members loved the idea, says life enrichment co-ordinator Sonia Murney.

The life enrichment department created T-shirts for residents that had the Mickey Mouse Club logo or the Cinderella Castle embossed on the front with the words “Dreams Do Come True” underneath.

Residents also wore Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears, tiaras and crowns as part of their costumes. Local entertainer Kathy Wiles played and sang songs from Disney films that included everything from Mary Poppins to Frozen.

Staff dressed up in Disney-themed scrubs that featured Winnie the Pooh, princesses, rabbits and, of course, ghosts and goblins. The management team spent the day dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Residents had their pictures taken in front of a backdrop of the Cinderella Castle from Disney World while inside a photo booth shaped like a carriage that was made by the life enrichment team.

Since it was a Halloween party, there was an abundance of cupcakes and sweets for everyone to enjoy.

A favourite moment was then staff member Charlene Rose dressed up as “Buzzy Bee” to dance and entertain residents.

“(She) brought so much joy to residents and staff,” Sonia says.

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