Despite the snow, spring plans are blooming bright at Wildwood Care Centre


Residents making birdfeeders, anticipating weekly campfires and outings

Though snow may be falling this week, the life enrichment department at Wildwood Care Centre in St. Mary’s is determinedly thinking spring.

On Tuesday, the department organized a birdfeeder making session. Residents joined in crafting the feeders and then hanging them in the OMNI Health Care home’s outdoor courtyard.

Life enrichment co-ordinator Alison Hoskins has also marked the calendar with the first two spring outings residents will be able to enjoy in the long-term care home’s mobility van.

Wildwood Care Centre residents have the benefit of being able to access a mobility van donated to the home by a family member.

The first two outings include a drive in the countryside on April 15. On April 22, they will have a chance to visit a community quilt show. The quilt show, which takes place every two years, promises to be a real treat, Hoskins notes. This year, a staff member from the home will also be featuring her quilts.

In addition to enjoying the outings in the van, Wildwood Care Centre residents can anticipate the weekly summer campfires organized by the life enrichment department.

The home’s outdoor courtyard includes an enclosed chiminea, and starting in May, staff members like to get a fire crackling (as allowed by a permit), marshmallows roasting and campfire songs rolling.

“We’re just reminiscing and trying to get (residents) thinking about the spring coming up and thinking positively,” Hoskins says. “Especially on a day like today, when everyone is probably a little depressed, thinking winter is not going to end.”

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