Decision to fell trees during Country Terrace expansion was not made lightly

As work continues on the redevelopment project to expand Country Terrace, there has been concern expressed by the local community, as well as by residents, families and staff members at the Komoka, Ont. long-term care home, about several trees on the property that have been felled in order for the project to move forward.

Understandably, many people are concerned with the loss of trees. OMNI Health Care shares these concerns, and we assure the decision to remove trees from the property during construction was made after careful consideration and assessment of the alternatives with architects and designers.

Building plans were thoroughly scrutinized. Understanding that trees are important, both for their contribution to the ecosystem and for their aesthetic beauty, plans to preserve as many trees as possible on the property were included during the design phase.

As well, in the course of obtaining municipal approvals, a landscape plan was presented that provides for additional trees to be planted on the long-term care portion of the site.

Country Terrace is one of four OMNI long-term care homes currently under construction as part of the Ontario government’s long-term capital redevelopment plan.

The Country Terrace redevelopment project is an investment in the local community that will add more space and provide for a safer, more comfortable environment for residents, as well as adding eight beds to the home to serve growing needs in the community.

The renovation will eventually result in the demolition of an outdated wing in the home and the elimination of all three- or four-bed rooms.

Once renovations are complete, residents will enjoy more space and more privacy, with four independent resident home areas. The design of the new addition is intended to fit in with the site and the neighbouring community and to meet all municipal requirements.

With an aging population, there’s a serious need for more long-term care beds and the redevelopment of older homes

The extra space the renovations will provide at Country Terrace will ensure residents live in the comfort and safe environment they deserve.

Country Terrace values its position in the community. Equally important, we recognize the need to bring the home up to date for the sake of residents and families.