Country Terrace resident keeps busy gardening and making sure home is looking tip-top

Country Terrace resident Tracey Welles is pictured here working in the home’s yard. Tracey has created a job for herself at the home by working in the gardens, tidying up the yard and keeping the pathways neat and tidy.

Tracey Welles says these activities also help her mobility

Tracey Welles says she was once told that “being active is the best medicine for physical and mental health,” and this is advice the Country Terrace resident has taken to heart.

Tracey keeps active at the Komoka, Ont. long-term care home by tending to its gardens, cleaning the walkways and doing her best to make sure Country Terrace keeps looking its best.

“I did not want to just lay around in bed and give up,” Tracey says when asked what inspired her to take on chores around the home.

There are terrific social benefits to having created a job for herself at Country Terrace, Tracey says, adding she has made a name for herself among residents and staff members.

“People know who I am before I even know them because they know I am the one who is helping around the home,” she says. “It’s nice to hear good things about me.”

Tracey particularly enjoys doing the gardening, noting she often helped her mother with her gardening and also mowed grass at home.

Tracey says her favourite part of gardening is pulling weeds. This, she says, is because she has Parkinson’s, and pulling weeds involves a lot of movement. Pulling weeds helps ease her condition and provides physical benefits, she says.

“I like that it keeps me active and keeps my body moving; when I am still for too long I freeze up,” Tracey says.

Country Terrace administrator Karen Dann says Tracey has been a big help at the home and is a hard worker. Tracey has also helped the Country Terrace team’s infection-control initiatives.

“She works like a Trojan,” Karen says. “During an outbreak, Tracey (sanitized) all the handrails in the hallways, doing one hallway a day.”

And the front garden is looking its best, thanks to Tracey’s efforts, Karen adds.

“It’s looking gorgeous; she has all the weeds pulled, and she is starting on the backyard now.”

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