Corn roast tradition returns to Forest Hill

With changes in place to ensure pandemic protocols were met, residents once again partook in a favourite end-of-summer event

The tradition of the end-of-summer corn roast returned to Forest Hill in late August.

Residents of the Kanata, Ont. long-term care home once again enjoyed fresh corn on the cob during the annual Forest Hill corn roast after skipping a year due to pandemic restrictions in place at the time.

With more flexibility this year, life enrichment co-ordinator Craig Forrest was eager to organize a corn roast this year.

“I didn’t want the residents to go without fresh corn this year,” he tells The OMNIway.

Normally, the corn roast attracts about 80 Forest Hill residents and their family members. Current safety protocols require family members to wear masks at all times while visiting the home. Because people need to remove their masks to eat, family members were unable to join residents at this year’s corn roast.

To ensure the corn roast could be held this year, adjustments were made and required safety protocols were followed. Rather than having residents living on all five floors of the home attend the corn roast at the same time, smaller corn roasts were held outdoors for each floor.

The first corn roast was for residents from the third floor on Aug. 30. Craig picked up 120 cobs of corn and barbecued pork riblets. Residents living on the third floor had their corn roast outside and entertainment was provided, with remaining cobs and riblets being served to residents inside the home.

Live music has been provided at each corn roast, with entertainers performing from a safe distance.

A major plus has been co-operation from mother nature during the corn roasts, Craig says.

“The weather has been fantastic, and, thankfully it hasn’t been too hot,” he says. “We have really lucked out with the weather.”

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PHOTO CAPTION: Forest Hill resident Phillip Bruce enjoys a corn cob during a recent corn roast at the Kanata, Ont. long-term care home.